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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 8GB
The Galaxy S3 Mini is a scaled down version of the S3 with a slower processor. It runs on Android Jelly Bean and the user experience is excellent. It has a great camera and good battery life so if you don't want the bigger sized S3 and looking to pay less then this is a good option.
Sale Price: $239.95

Samsung Galaxy S Duos
The Galaxy S Duos is a stylish Android 4.0 smartphone with dual sim capability, a 4-inch display, 5 megapixel back camera and a VGA front camera. It includes 4GB of built in storage with a microSD card slot expandable up to 32GB.
Sale Price: $199.95

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Aimed at the budget conscious, youth market and anyone who doesn't want a large phone. The Galaxy Pocket Neo is a pebble-shaped smartphone with a 3 inch touch-screen, a rear-facing two megapixel camera, a single-core processor running at 850MHz, 3G HSPA connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, integrated GPS, 4GB of internal storage, micro-SD card slot and 512MB of RAM. It gives you Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for a low price.
Sale Price: $149.95

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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini


    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
    The Galaxy S4 Mini is a scaled down version of the flagship Galaxy S4. It has excellent specs and is a premium device with a light, compact form. It is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the larger 5” form of flagship phones. It’s more comfortable to hold, better for carrying around and the price is reasonable.
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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    Best Price For Samsung Galaxy S3


    Samsung Galaxy S3
    With all the hype around the Samsung Galaxy S4 it’s a great time to buy the current Galaxy S3 model at a discounted price. Buy the 16GB model outright for around $500. The S3 is less than a year old and is still one of the best smartphones around.

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini


    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
    The Galaxy S3 Mini is a scaled down version of the S3, the best selling mobile phone in 2012. It is much smaller and more compact which gives it the advantage of being comfortable to hold and operate with one hand. The components are also scaled down but you get some very impressive features for the price.
    Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Samsung News

    Galaxy S4 Australia Release


    Galaxy S4
    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be launched in Australia tonight (Tuesday 24th April) at the Opera House. The pricing and availability will be announced at the event by all the Telco partners who have already announced that they will be offering the device by the end of April.
    The Galaxy S4 is the leading competitor to the iPhone and the release is much anticipated with brand new features. Read more about the Galaxy S4 and pre-order online.

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    Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy S4


    Samsung Galaxy S4
    There are some great new features present in the Galaxy S4. New media capabilities allow you to integrate the phone with external devices such as your television and music players. The S4 incorporates Samsung’s own security solution, Knox, which lets you maintain a business and personal profile within the single device. The much touted Smart Screen technology features eye-tracking technology so that in theory the display scrolls automatically in response to the movement of your eyeballs.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Revealed


    Samsung unveiled the latest in their line-up of tablets just before the Mobile World Congress. The Galaxy Note 8.0 aims to provide the best compromise between portability and productivity. It’s easy to carry around and operate but the 8” display is fantastic for producing and viewing content.

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